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Sustainable jeans for women and men at NUVONDA

Sustainable jeans

At NUVONDA you will find sustainable jeans for men and women. They are fair, ecological and organic jeans from sustainable jeans brands. Our curated selection includes jeans made from recycled materials, as well as organic cotton, chino style and organic, vegan or undyed jeans.

(Image: Close-up of the structure of one of the most popular fibers in the world - Deni)

How do you make jeans?

The denim fabric is created by working with a warp thread and final thread clamped in the loom. In order to create the typical denim color of the fabric, the so-called final thread must be dyed blue and the warp thread remains white. Dying the fabric usually uses a lot of water.

Which jeans brands are sustainable?

Our partners, such as Kuyichi Jeans, Brava Fabrics, Matona or Thokkthokk, design and produce organic denim jeans that are popular and meet our common demands for style and sustainability. Innovative materials, recycled denim fabrics, hemp denim and the most modern manufacturing processes are used to produce the fair pants in order to be able to present you ecological jeans.

Longevity with sustainable jeans

Once you have found the perfect sustainable jeans for you, they will last you through many years, seasons and stains. Needless to say, there is nothing better than a good pair of jeans that will give you a great look and fit perfectly. A pair of great jeans belongs as a basic in every wardrobe. As a key element of a modern wardrobe, it is both fashionable and durable, making it sustainable.

Careful selection of our fair jeans

On the way into your wardrobe, the jeans don't have to be a burden on people or the environment. When selecting our ecological jeans, we pay attention to the production of the denim products, the use of environmentally friendly materials and the conditions during production for people and nature. In addition to many other factors, great attention is paid to minimizing water consumption during production in order to protect the environment and show that sustainable jeans and fashion can be in harmony with people and nature.

Environmentally friendly jeans thanks to less water

During the conventional production of jeans, an estimated 8,000 liters of water are used per pair of jeans. Our partners reduce this use of water as a resource by around 70% by using processes such as air drying or innovative dyeing processes. You can find out more about the respective materials, production locations and certificates for all of our environmentally friendly jeans for men and women on the product page.

How much do sustainable jeans cost?

The ecological jeans models are available from NUVONDA from CHF 129. It is important to note that the NUVONDA partner brands attach great importance to quality and sustainable denim production so that the joy of the fairly produced jeans lasts as long as possible.

Which ecological jeans washes are available at NUVONDA?

With us you will find a large selection of colors from undyed jeans, stonewashed denim, bleached jeans to black and gray jeans to "real", unwashed raw denim.

Which jeans suit my figure?

As with any sustainable piece of clothing, this only makes ecological sense if you only buy the shape and color that you personally really like so that you can enjoy it for a long time. And of course tastes are very different. At NUVONDA you will find sustainable slim jeans, fairly produced bootcut jeans, skinny jeans and mom jeans. Stylists give general tips for emphasizing your own figure:

Tall people = cropped jeans
Small people = straight cut or slim jeans
Apple figure = high-waist jeans
Pear shape = bootcut jeans
Hourglass shape = skinny jeans
Rectangle shape = mom/dad jeans

It is important to us that you should always feel good and comfortable with the sustainable jeans you wear. And that may not correspond to the tips of the stylists :-)

NUVONDA is a cooperative with the aim of making sustainable fashion labels accessible to as many people as possible. That's why at NUVONDA you will only find labels that aim to produce as sustainable, fair or regional products as possible. Ben is the co-founder who drives NUVONDA forward as “president of administration” in cooperative jargon.

Ben, co-founder, explains why he is a fan of sustainable jeans.