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New Year's Eve outfits and Christmas dresses

New Year's Eve outfits and Christmas dresses

The festive time of the year is approaching and at NUVONDA you will of course also find more elegant New Year's Eve outfits or Christmas dresses that will make you look stunning and still travel sustainably. Lovjoi , Avani or Komana are certainly some of our fair brands where you can find a great selection of elegant fashion. Whether dresses , jumpsuits or elegant blouse -trouser combinations - you have a sustainable outfit selection. Overall, sustainable dresses, jumpsuits and blouse-trouser combinations offer stylish ways to celebrate the festive Christmas season and the exciting New Year's Eve. No matter what look you choose, don't forget that your fashion choices can also carry a message - a message of sustainability and environmental awareness.

Why dresses are great for Christmas?

Christmas is a time of togetherness, joy and warmth. Appropriately, dresses are the perfect choice for this festive event. Here are some reasons why dresses are unbeatable for Christmas:

Firstly, dresses instantly add elegance and sophistication. A festive dress immediately sends a message and makes the celebration even more special.

Secondly, dresses are extremely versatile. Whether you choose a classic red dress to emphasize the festive mood or a simple black dress with sparkling accessories, you can perfectly match your style to the occasion.

You can find clothes from many sustainable brands. All of our fair labels rely on environmentally friendly materials and production methods. By purchasing sustainable clothing, you are helping to reduce your environmental impact while looking stylish.

Why a jumpsuit is great for New Year's Eve?

If Christmas is the time of elegance, then New Year's Eve is the time of glitz and party. On this night we all want to shine and show our best side. A jumpsuit is the perfect choice to end the year in style and welcome in the new year. Here are some reasons why you can't beat a jumpsuit for New Year's Eve:

Firstly, a jumpsuit is a real eye-catcher. It attracts attention and gives you a glamorous appearance. With sparkling details you can make sure you're in the spotlight.

Secondly, a jumpsuit is extremely comfortable. Unlike tight dresses or uncomfortable high heels, it allows you to move freely and enjoy the night to the fullest.

Thirdly, our NUVONDA jumpsuits are sustainable. All brands rely on environmentally friendly materials such as Tencel™, organic cotton and fair production conditions. By choosing a sustainable jumpsuit, you're helping to minimize the fashion industry's environmental impact while starting the new year in style.

Why a blouse and pants combination can be really chic?

Fashion isn't always just about dresses and jumpsuits. A blouse and pants combination can be just as glamorous and elegant if styled correctly. Here are some reasons why this option is perfect for special occasions:

Firstly, a blouse with well-fitting trousers offers a timeless and classic look. The outfit is elegance but casual.

Second, you can add your personal touch to a blouse and pants combination by choosing accessories, colors and fabrics that suit your individual style.

Thirdly, it is also possible to rely on sustainable fashion here. All of our sustainable brands produce eco-friendly blouses and trousers, so you can flaunt your chic with a clear conscience.

NUVONDA is a cooperative with the aim of making sustainable fashion labels accessible to as many people as possible. That's why at NUVONDA you will only find labels that aim to produce as sustainable, fair or regional products as possible.