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Our sustainable fashion brands with a diverse range

Discover our ethical and stylish brands - as individual and diverse as you!

Baìge the Label

Baìge the Label wurde von der Hamburgerin Bina Nöhr gegründet, die zeigt, dass faire Mode der herkömmlichen in nichts nachstehen muss. Auf der Suche nach dem richtigen Namen für ihr Label, kam Bina immer wieder die Farbe Beige in den Sinn. Letztendlich ist es also eine fantasievolle Abwandlung der Schreibweise. Beige ist eine natürliche Farbe, ein Ursprung von dem so vieles ausgehen kann.
Das Label konzentriert sich auf minimalistisches, zeitloses Design; Kleidungsstücke, die mensch perfekt miteinander kombinieren kann, hochwertige und langlebige Materialien und eine faire und nachhaltige Produktion.
Alle Kleidungsstücke werden unter fairen Bedingungen in einem Familienbetrieb in Bulgarien gefertigt.


BLUE stands for sky, sea and nature, the color is associated with purity, with the antlers symbolizing rough masculinity. BLUEBUCK is a fashion brand for the type of man who carries rough wilderness and naturalness within him. He has a strong sense of his responsibility towards the environment combined with strong self-confidence. Bluebuck Man takes climate change very seriously. He is convinced that he too can take action and minimize his impact on nature. BLUEBUCK also carries this conviction. At every single step in design development and production we ask ourselves: how can we minimize our CO2 footprint? Bluebuck is committed to producing a truly green product.

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Founded in Barcelona back in 2015, Brava Fabrics believes in a sustainable future and takes responsibility for our environment. For the fair fashion label, fashion is more than just seasonal it-pieces. It doesn't chase the latest trends - the goal is to create timeless and long-lasting pieces. To achieve this, Brava sources sustainable, high-quality materials and pays attention to people, animals and the environment throughout the entire production chain.

Brava Fabrics continually breaks new ground through creativity driven by visual culture. The world is full of beauty and the label enjoys exploring all these stories and turning them into unique clothes. The result is beautiful fashion, full of details and always with something special.

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This is the motto that has accompanied DIRTS since it was founded in 2014. Admittedly, the name DIRTS may give the wrong impression at first. But the label assures us that everything is clean here and DIRTS works daily to optimize the processes in terms of sustainability. With sporty, fashionable and durable basic styles, DIRTS relies on SLOW instead of FAST.

+ Production in Portugal
+ GOTS certified
+ sustainable materials
+ Support social projects
+ plastic-free shipping
+ transparent and honest communication.

The label is looking forward to welcoming you to #teamdirts.

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KOMANA creates sustainably produced clothing and textiles with versatile prints. Fascinated by the suggestive power of patterns and prints, you invite us on a dreamy journey through shapes and colors. A respectful treatment of all beings and nature is the focus of KOMANA, run by the Swiss sisters Nina & Livia. Carefully selected organic and fairly traded materials serve as a canvas for your ideas. They underline the individuality of women and confirm their social conscience.

The KOMANA creations show character and a touch of theatricality and humor. They grow close to your heart and become your companions - instead of disposable goods. Products with meaning and personality. KOMANA passionately shares the processes behind your collections and focuses on the artisans involved throughout the supply chain.

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KOMODO is committed to producing clothing that is sustainable and has no negative impact on the environment. The label is passionate about protecting and caring for our planet, but also loves fashion and doesn't believe that these two things have to be mutually exclusive. KOMODO only uses high-quality organic, natural and eco-friendly fibers and is breaking new ground with innovative materials such as green PU coating and recycled PET from plastic bottles. KOMODO is also GOTS certified and a member of the Soil Association. Long-standing relationships with partners in Kathmandu and Java support local communities and important social projects. As a member of 1% for the Planet, the sustainable brand is committed to protecting the only homeland.

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This is the motto of Kuyichi Pure Goods, the Dutch denim brand founded in 2001 that aims to make a positive impact on the fashion industry. After seeing the polluting cotton industry in Peru, KUYICHI began producing pure goods made from organic cotton. The most commonly worn product made from cotton is denim, so they started making organic jeans.
Kuyichi selects its suppliers and sustainable materials with care. By integrating new techniques and materials - such as post-consumer recycled fibers - they continue to position themselves as pioneers. All leather patches were replaced with Jacron patches made of washable paper and the denim became vegan. They were also the first denim brand to use Ecoverde sewing threads made from Coats recycled polyester. However, no new resources are required to produce the yarn. The label also uses the cleanest dyes available (all aniline-free), including vegetable indigo dyes. Discover style-conscious jeans and classic basic styles that are durable and never out of style.



Lefrik produces urban bags, backpacks and travel essentials using high-quality fabrics made from recycled PET plastic bottles. This gives conscious consumers access to innovative and stylish products that perfectly combine fashion and sustainability. Lefrik has also been recognized as vegan by PETA.

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The driving force behind LOVJOI is the love of fashion and nature. This is also reflected in the name of the eco-label, which was inspired by the planet Lovejoy. The loving details from LOVJOI make them unique favorite pieces. Structured fabrics and unusual cuts give the simple shirts and tops their very special style. A simple sweater can be transformed into an elegant party outfit with extra long sleeves, or small cap sleeves give a cozy long-sleeved shirt a romantic touch.



Love for our loved ones and nature - that's what drives us, the Matona team, around the founders Katharina and David, every day and what defines our fashion label. As a small, family-run company from Vorarlberg, we have been producing timeless and minimalist fashion for women from natural materials since 2016 - clothing that is stylish and modern and at the same time sustainable and fair.

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Moya Kala's products are lovingly sewn by a small family business in Varna, Bulgaria. The company has been active in the lingerie sector since 1990. The seamstresses are long-time employees who enjoy their work and appreciate the care of the owners. It is Moya Kala's personal concern that all of these women can carry out their work with dignity and joy. Because the women who make the products are just as important to the label as those who wear them.



The Swiss fashion and lifestyle brand “NIKIN” from Lenzburg (AG) was launched in winter 2016. The brand was founded by Nicholas Hänny (1991) and Robin Gnehm (1992), an economics and an industrial design student who have known each other since early childhood.
The two former scouts and skaters had wanted to start a joint project for a long time, which was finally realized by NIKIN.

Her vision was a fashion label that had an ecological impact. It is important to NIKIN to always be innovative, modern and open-minded, but at the same time sustainable and fair. That's why they attach great importance to environmentally friendly and fair production. At the beginning it wasn't easy to find and finance adequate production. With their success, they were able to move closer to their goal of relocating production from Asia to Europe and so today almost all products are manufactured in Europe. Since January 2019, NIKIN and its products have been officially certified by “GOTS” (Global Organic Textile Standard), which guarantees sustainable and fair production. The textiles are largely made of organic cotton in combination with recycled polyester. Other products are made from various sustainable alternatives such as bamboo or cotton from recycled jeans. NIKIN is always honest with themselves and knows that they are not perfect - but they are constantly trying to improve and are looking for even better, more sustainable and fairer solutions every day to get closer to their goal. Of course, the personalized tree certificate that every customer receives in addition to their order is completely tree-free.

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Olly is a French eco-friendly lingerie brand founded by two friends who wanted to create their ideal lingerie: comfortable, feminine and eco-friendly. They want to help women feel pretty without destroying the planet! Olly's briefs and bras are made from organic cotton and recycled lace and all dyes used are Oeko-Tex 100 certified. Olly aims to offer an ethical and healthy solution to the traditional lingerie industry.



Pura is the Spanish word for "pure", which corresponds to what the PURA clothing label stands for: sustainable fashion for a clear conscience. There is still a lot of unethical stuff in the fashion industry. The goal and motivation of the PURA team is not only to create a bikini and sportswear line that is perfect in style and fit, but also to design pieces that are fairly produced and ecologically sustainable. PURA clothing only uses recycled or natural fabrics that feel buttery soft on the skin. All our fabrics come from Italy and all pieces are handmade in Switzerland and Italy. Absolutely no air travel is involved in PURA's processes. With every purchase, the brand donates 1 CHF to a non-profit organization that fights global warming!



Since it was founded in 2009, Rotholz has developed into one of the most exciting sustainable fashion brands in Germany. It all started as a creative outlet for founder and CEO Moritz Baur, a graphic designer who initially designed printed unisex T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts with minimalist graphics that reflected his passion for modern design, art and architecture.

Today, Rotholz has developed into a full-fledged fashion brand whose main focus is to offer women and men contemporary ready-to-wear fashion that is fairly made in Europe from sustainable and European materials.

Rotholz chooses raw materials that protect our environment and only works with manufacturers who are committed to high ethical standards.



It all started in 2014 with a T-shirt for the surfing clique on the island of Norderney. Since 2019, SALZWASSER has been building a clothing brand full-time with a lot of passion in a small team in Hamburg. The label was founded with the aim of combining the best quality with the highest level of sustainability - both have their price. In addition to the production, sustainable also means that you can enjoy your garment for a long time and wear it as often as possible. Buying the product is worth it for your wallet and for the environment. The longevity of the products is therefore a top priority for SALZWASSER. Traditionally, people on the coast have mastered a slow, minimalist and simple way of life. With a contemporary design approach, SALZWASSER translates this way of life and attitude into modern clothing for everyday life - in the city, in the country and by the sea. It reminds people of moments of longing. And allows you to return to the essentials.


Striking, minimalist, energetic graphic design meets ecologically and fairly produced clothing. The goal: Create a real alternative to fast fashion and make sustainable clothing with attitude, style and a fair pricing policy available to everyone. In 2007, ThokkThokk was founded by the creative head VFX Johow, aka Vinzenz. Vinzenz developed the first graphic line as a one-man show and transferred the motifs to textiles using screen printing. Then, as now, it was clear that ThokkThokk was organic and there was no other way... The ThokkThokk pieces are primarily manufactured in India, where organic cotton is also grown. There the brand works with several manufacturers from large to small who are GOTS and, if possible, Fairtrade certified, and support the local NGO Save, which campaigns locally for children and women's rights.


Tidløs means “timeless” in Norwegian. This aptly describes Tidløs founder Sigrid's collection. The timeless knitting patterns are essentially the “HAUTE COUTURE” of their original home country of Norway.