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Our sustainable Swiss fashion brands

For us, sustainability and Swissness belong together in fair fashion - discover our fair fashion labels based in Switzerland!


Fashion is above all a question of elegance: feminine, timeless clothing that AVANI wants you to be able to wear for a long time and always. AVANI creates small collections designed by designers with great expertise. The creations are wardrobe essentials with subtle and sophisticated details. They believe that stylish clothing is even more beautiful when it is environmentally friendly. Because they value preserving regional know-how, all creations are designed and manufactured within a 190 km radius between Geneva (Switzerland) and Marcollin (France). Their approach is to choose materials that use as few natural resources as possible, whose fibers are organically grown and whose wood comes from sustainably managed forests. Thanks to dyeing with "low-pollutant dyes" (which do not contain heavy metals or other toxic substances) and working with suppliers that recycle, minimize waste and promote the use of alternative energy sources, AVANI minimizes water and energy consumption and pollution of air, water and floor.



BANDE DE CYCLISTES is a Zurich fashion label founded by friends Andy and Johno. It stands for sustainable and fair clothing and accessories that are manufactured in Switzerland, Portugal and Serbia using high-quality materials. The label is aimed at people who love the feeling of freedom of cycling and want to indulge in conscious deceleration. The core values ​​of friendship, freedom and simplicity go beyond the product range and are also reflected in the close collaboration with producers and partners.

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KOMANA creates sustainably produced clothing and textiles with versatile prints. Fascinated by the suggestive power of patterns and prints, you invite us on a dreamy journey through shapes and colors. A respectful treatment of all beings and nature is the focus of KOMANA, run by the Swiss sisters Nina & Livia. Carefully selected organic and fairly traded materials serve as a canvas for your ideas. They underline the individuality of women and confirm their social conscience.

The KOMANA creations show character and a touch of theatricality and humor. They grow close to your heart and become your companions - instead of disposable goods. Products with meaning and personality. KOMANA passionately shares the processes behind your collections and focuses on the artisans involved throughout the supply chain.

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Hello basics

It may be that there are already enough underwear brands. Lukas Frei, the founder of moi-basics, was never entirely happy with the offer. He then asked around extensively among his family, friends and acquaintances. He wrote questionnaires for women and men, distributed them widely, asked questions and, above all, listened. It was very insightful to see what bothers people about their laundry, or what they want but can't find anywhere. What would the perfect underwear be like? The design should be reduced. An effortless look, the branding understated. The materials and workmanship are of outstanding quality. With the best wearing comfort and fit. It should be easy to care for and long-lasting. And the underwear should be consistently sustainable. Fair working conditions and short distances from raw materials to the finished product. These were exactly the criteria according to which Lukas Frei designed, developed and produced the moi-basics laundry line.

Underwear from MOI Basics


Moya Kala's products are lovingly sewn by a small family business in Varna, Bulgaria. The company has been active in the lingerie sector since 1990. The seamstresses are long-time employees who enjoy their work and appreciate the care of the owners. It is Moya Kala's personal concern that all of these women can carry out their work with dignity and joy. Because the women who make the products are just as important to the label as those who wear them.




NATIVE ORIGINAL was founded by 2 young designers from St. Gallen. The streetwear label is inspired by Native Americans. With the deep knowledge that the ground beneath us does not belong to us, but that we must live gratefully in harmony with nature - no matter where we come from, where we are, and no matter where you live. Every part of the world is the whole world.

That's why NATIVE ORIGINAL only uses purely organic materials and produces certified according to the guidelines of the Global Organic Textile Standard and OEKO-TEX®. In addition, the streetwear is only packaged in biodegradable materials, such as films made from corn starch. In addition, NATIVE ORIGINAL is also committed to various projects to protect the oceans.



The Swiss fashion and lifestyle brand “NIKIN” from Lenzburg (AG) was launched in winter 2016. The brand was founded by Nicholas Hänny (1991) and Robin Gnehm (1992), an economics and an industrial design student who have known each other since early childhood.
The two former scouts and skaters had wanted to start a joint project for a long time, which was finally realized by NIKIN.

Her vision was a fashion label that had an ecological impact. It is important to NIKIN to always be innovative, modern and open-minded, but at the same time sustainable and fair. That's why they attach great importance to environmentally friendly and fair production. At the beginning it wasn't easy to find and finance adequate production. With their success, they were able to move closer to their goal of relocating production from Asia to Europe and so today almost all products are manufactured in Europe. Since January 2019, NIKIN and its products have been officially certified by “GOTS” (Global Organic Textile Standard), which guarantees sustainable and fair production. The textiles are largely made of organic cotton in combination with recycled polyester. Other products are made from various sustainable alternatives such as bamboo or cotton from recycled jeans. NIKIN is always honest with themselves and knows that they are not perfect - but they are constantly trying to improve and are looking for even better, more sustainable and fairer solutions every day to get closer to their goal. Of course, the personalized tree certificate that every customer receives in addition to their order is completely tree-free.

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PAAR Socks moves and celebrates the most natural form of movement - walking - with colorful and stylish socks. The name PAAR not only symbolizes two socks that belong to each other, but also the attraction of different things that can be completely different and different - and are still a PAIR. The PAAR Socks brand was founded in Zurich in 2018. Sustainability and fair trade are top priorities throughout the entire retail chain, which is why the socks created in Switzerland are made from environmentally friendly materials and under fair conditions in Europe. PAAR Sock counteracts fast fashion by only producing small quantities and limited designs. PAAR Socks values ​​the essentials - socks - and therefore avoids any frills in the packaging. Collaborations round off the PAAR Socks vision, whereby part of the sales are donated to social and community organizations in Switzerland. Let's WALK IN COLORS together!

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Pura is the Spanish word for "pure", which corresponds to what the PURA clothing label stands for: sustainable fashion for a clear conscience. There is still a lot of unethical stuff in the fashion industry. The goal and motivation of the PURA team is not only to create a bikini and sportswear line that is perfect in style and fit, but also to design pieces that are fairly produced and ecologically sustainable. PURA clothing only uses recycled or natural fabrics that feel buttery soft on the skin. All our fabrics come from Italy and all pieces are handmade in Switzerland and Italy. Absolutely no air travel is involved in PURA's processes. With every purchase, the brand donates 1 CHF to a non-profit organization that fights global warming!



SANIKAI is an ethical and vegan fashion brand based in Switzerland that represents style and quality in a conscious way. SANIKAI was founded in Zurich in 2015 and works on the basis of responsibility for our only planet and the love of natural or recycled materials, combined with Swiss perfectionism. Timeless design with the highest ethical and quality standards are at the heart of SANIKAI's philosophy. These positive values ​​are evident at all levels, from the manufacturers in Switzerland to assembly and material procurement to the company's entire CI/CD. For each piece of clothing, SANIKAI pays the utmost attention to the choice of fabric, fit and perfect quality. The core of the company reflects a positive and caring attitude towards the conscious decision to embrace life and awaken dormant senses.


Tias & Olives

Authentic and sustainable bikinis from Switzerland

The Tías & Olives label wants to make a difference and is not only on the path to complete sustainability, but also active in the fight for education. As a brand, they are convinced that a consumer-oriented society requires more than just the use of sustainable materials. They demand transparency and actions instead of words. Choosing beautiful and sustainable bikinis from Tías & Olives is not only for your body and your well-being, but also for the future of our planet. The aim of the Swiss label is to create an authentic, strong, colorful, vibrant and conscious bikini brand that resists seasonal trends. Durable, perfect bikini tops and pants that make you look great and adapt optimally to your body shape.


Tidløs means “timeless” in Norwegian. This aptly describes Tidløs founder Sigrid's collection. The timeless knitting patterns are essentially the “HAUTE COUTURE” of their original home country of Norway.

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V DESIGN LAB by Valeria Vigliani is a small jewelry brand from Zurich.

Valeria, the designer, personally develops the ideas and designs each individual piece of jewelry/collection first by hand and then in 3D. She combines tradition (hand design, hand finishing by herself or by a local goldsmith atelier in Italy) with new technology (3D design, 3D printing for the production of prototypes and other unique pieces or small collections in other materials, e.g. aluminum oxide, etc .).

Ultimately, unique and sustainable pieces of jewelry are created that are mainly made from upcycled brass, recycled 925 sterling silver and, if desired, plated with 18K gold or recycled gold.