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Sustainable earrings

from small factories, produced fairly and socially

These sustainably produced earrings round off your stylish look and also make you feel good.

SANTIAGO shell earringsSANTIAGO shell earrings
Abanicos earringsAbanicos earrings
V Design Lab
Abanicos earrings Sale priceFrom CHF 89.00
Pendant earrings Abanicos mediumPendant earrings Abanicos medium
ESSENTIALS Simple midi hoop earringsESSENTIALS Simple midi hoop earrings
Large hoop earrings INGRANAGGILarge hoop earrings INGRANAGGI
Small earrings SAVOYSmall earrings SAVOY
V Design Lab
Small earrings SAVOY Sale priceFrom CHF 119.00
Midi earrings SAVOYMidi earrings SAVOY
V Design Lab
Midi earrings SAVOY Sale priceFrom CHF 119.00
INGRANAGGI mini hoop earrings with claspINGRANAGGI mini hoop earrings with clasp
Mini earrings 12mm ESSENTIALSMini earrings 12mm ESSENTIALS
SANTIAGO shell midi stud earringsSANTIAGO shell midi stud earrings
SANTIAGO Shell Big Pendant EarringsSANTIAGO Shell Big Pendant Earrings
SANTIAGO Shell Mini Stud Earrings (Single or as a Pair)SANTIAGO Shell Mini Stud Earrings (Single or as a Pair)
Billabong double hoop earringsBillabong double hoop earrings
Mini stud earrings FLOWER POWERMini stud earrings FLOWER POWER
Stud earrings FLOWER POWERStud earrings FLOWER POWER
V Design Lab
Stud earrings FLOWER POWER Sale priceFrom CHF 69.00
Stud earrings Reborn (Dali')Stud earrings Reborn (Dali')
V Design Lab
Earrings INGRANAGGI Sale priceFrom CHF 89.00
Circle earrings BillabongCircle earrings Billabong
Small half hoop ring PNEUSSmall half hoop ring PNEUS
V Design Lab
Small half hoop ring PNEUS Sale priceFrom CHF 79.00
Abanicos pendant earringsAbanicos pendant earrings
Stud earrings INGRANAGGIStud earrings INGRANAGGI
V Design Lab
Stud earrings INGRANAGGI Sale priceFrom CHF 75.00
Earrings "A drop in the Ocean"Earrings "A drop in the Ocean"
Billabong Small EarringsBillabong Small Earrings
INGRANAGGI mini hoop earringsINGRANAGGI mini hoop earrings
Small earrings SAVOYSmall earrings SAVOY
V Design Lab
Small earrings SAVOY Sale priceFrom CHF 109.00
Save 21%INGRANAGGI Smile stud earringsINGRANAGGI Smile stud earrings
V Design Lab
INGRANAGGI Smile stud earrings Sale priceCHF 59.00 Regular priceCHF 75.00
ESSENTIALS Mini Hoop Earrings 16mmESSENTIALS Mini Hoop Earrings 16mm
Reborn (Dali') hoop earringsReborn (Dali') hoop earrings
SANTIAGO mini hoop earrings with shell pendants (single or as a pair)SANTIAGO mini hoop earrings with shell pendants (single or as a pair)
Reborn (Dali') Double Hoop EarringsReborn (Dali') Double Hoop Earrings
Billabong round earrings with pearlBillabong round earrings with pearl
Billabong Round Earrings with Pearl - SmallBillabong Round Earrings with Pearl - Small

Why sustainable jewelry is important

Jewelry has been a symbol of beauty, status and personal expression for centuries. But in recent years, consumers have become more aware of where our jewelry comes from and the impact it has on the environment and the people who make it. As a result, more and more people are turning to purchasing sustainable jewelry that is fairly and ethically made and minimizes environmental impact.

Fair jewelry and earrings made from recycled gold

One way to buy sustainable jewelry is to buy fair trade jewelry. This means that the jewelry was made under fair conditions and the workers were paid fairly. Our fair jewelry collection, for example, was made by small manufacturers. Another option is to purchase jewelry made from recycled gold. More and more jewelry manufacturers are recognizing the value of recycling and using old jewelry or gold from other sources to create new jewelry. These recycled gold earrings are not only eco-friendly but also unique and high quality.

Timeless earrings for every occasion

Sustainable hoop earrings and other earrings are timeless and suitable for every occasion. They can be simple and classic or decorated with beautiful gemstones and other details. Many sustainable jewelry makers also offer bespoke options, allowing you to choose the design and details that fit your style and personality. If you're looking for a way to expand your jewelry box, consider looking at sustainable earrings that are made fairly and in an environmentally friendly way.