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What is recycled PET material?

Recycled PET

Most recycled plastic (rPET) used in the fashion industry is made from the material polyethylene terephthalate, also known as PET. PET is a thermoplastic polyester resin that uses petroleum to produce it and is used to make bottles, textiles and all kinds of packaging. Its structure makes PET strong, light and flexible.

(Image: Cotton field, probably the most popular fiber for clothing)

How is recycled PET produced?

To produce rPET clothing, the bottles are washed, sorted and processed into PET flakes and heated in the second step. The melted plastic is then drawn into threads using a spray nozzle process, which are then woven into recycled textiles. The material obtained in this way from the recycling of textiles is processed into synthetic fibers, better known as “fleece”. Recycled PET is also often used for beachwear and backpacks or bumbags.

Advantage of Pet Recycling

A key advantage of using recycled PET compared to virgin polyester is the reduction in the number of bottles in landfills. Plastic bottles are reused in the production of recycled PET, which in turn brings significant benefits in reducing pollution to the earth, water and air pollution. Recycled PET results in huge energy savings (up to 45%) in fiber production compared to virgin polyester. Choosing recycled PET over synthetic fibers also means a 20% reduction in water consumption and a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions. Textile recycling is better for the environment and health than producing new plastics. Compared to virgin polyester, recycled PET offers almost the same properties, albeit with significant environmental benefits.

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Ben, co-founder, shows you beachwear made from recycled PET