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"Our vision is a society of natural coexistence: of people with and without disabilities."

Sure.But belongs to the förderraum foundation and is a NUVONDA partner in the area of ​​article creation

Sure. Yes @ NUVONDA

It's clear . belongs to the förderraum foundation and offers people with disabilities the opportunity to complete training in the commercial sector, to prepare for re-entry into the primary labor market or to hold a job in a protected environment.

It's clear. takes care of your office work - you specialize in office-related services - be it digital or analogue. The services range from classic accounting to general secretarial work to managing an online shop. Would you like to outsource the office work so that you can concentrate on day-to-day business? Then we say: Sure. Yes! Delegate these tasks, you won't regret it.

It's clear. NUVONDA supports you in the area of ​​item creation and maintenance.