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What we do differently!

We are a cooperative. With this most democratic of all corporate forms, we ensure that the purpose of NUVONDA is always the focus. It's about a great range of fashion that is sustainable and that we offer together with the best sustainable brands.

#12 times a year

"At NUVONDA you can order a maximum of 12 times a year. In this way we conserve resources together and concentrate on fashion that really brings joy."

Catherine, member of the board

NUVONDA percent

One percent of NUVONDA's annual sales benefits people and the environment along our supply chain. We will provide information about the emerging projects on our website."

Gregor, member of the board

Careful partner selection

"We know all of our partners' teams personally and share common values. Greenwashing has no chance for us and our partners! We also have a partner for all financial matters in Alternative Bank Switzerland who stands for our values."

Benjamin, co-founder

Our values


At NUVONDA you always know where you stand. You know our partners, designers and producers. And if we don't succeed at something, we'll tell you about it and do it better next time. We will let you know!


NUVONDA curates fashion for you that makes you happy and makes you feel good. In the spirit of fashion, in the spirit of the planet, in the spirit of people. We change the world in style!


We behave fairly towards our environment and our fellow human beings. We take responsibility for our actions. We own our influence!


We stand for the new fashion industry: fair, clean and healthy. We fight for our values. We walk our talk!


We care about Curated+Fair+Fashion. We care about our partners, our planet and you. We raise our voice!


We know the goal. For us, joy in style and awareness of our fellow human beings, health and the planet belong together. We share our passion!


For us, everyone is the same. Regardless of origin, orientation and identity, we stand for equality, fairness and respectful coexistence for all people and our planet. We care for everyone!