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Our Made to Order brands

Discover our Made to Order brands - here sustainable fashion is only produced to order. This avoids producing too much and not meeting demand!


Behind fouremme are four Italian sisters who one day decided to take on a new challenge and create a sustainable fashion brand!
Based in London and Milan, they create simple, timeless and versatile pieces that will last for years. They only use certified, environmentally friendly fabrics, some of which are made from recycled materials, sourced from conscious mills in Europe.
The models are made to order, eliminating unnecessary waste and unwanted inventory. You trust a small but experienced team that works with passion and commitment to produce the clothes to the highest standards. They focus on sustainability from start to finish and that's why their packaging is minimal, biodegradable and compostable. As a sustainable fashion brand, they are committed to bringing about positive changes in the fashion industry by being considerate of the environment and people. They work with everyone to rethink the way our clothes are made, creating high quality clothes that never go out of style and that you will feel good in every time you wear them.

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Lemuel MC

Lemuel MC is a brand that has a story to tell about linen, ethics, transparency and longevity.
Founder Marta is a passionate advocate for a more sustainable lifestyle, stripping away complexity and working exclusively with linen and what's on hand wherever possible.
Lemuel MC works with an exceptional Lithuanian factory that purchases deadstock or sample fabrics in limited quantities and selects different weights to provide the wearer with a full year's worth of wear - with or without layers. Sustainability is woven into every process. The products are made to order. Production waste is collected and sorted; larger pieces are processed into hair accessories and beautiful individual pieces.

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SANIKAI is an ethical and vegan fashion brand based in Switzerland that represents style and quality in a conscious way. SANIKAI was founded in Zurich in 2015 and works on the basis of responsibility for our only planet and the love of natural or recycled materials, combined with Swiss perfectionism. Timeless design with the highest ethical and quality standards are at the heart of SANIKAI's philosophy. These positive values ​​are evident at all levels, from the manufacturers in Switzerland to assembly and material procurement to the company's entire CI/CD. For each piece of clothing, SANIKAI pays the utmost attention to the choice of fabric, fit and perfect quality. The core of the company reflects a positive and caring attitude towards the conscious decision to embrace life and awaken dormant senses.

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