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Responsible, sustainable clothing from Italy

Behind fouremme are four Italian sisters who founded a sustainable fashion brand and produce in Italy! The models are made to order, eliminating unnecessary waste and unwanted inventory.

Dress Fiona - Made to OrderDress Fiona - Made to Order
Dress Ellie - Made to orderDress Ellie - Made to order
Dress Febe Restyled - made to orderDress Febe Restyled - made to order
Denim Top Lilly - Made to orderDenim Top Lilly - Made to order
Skirt Kate - Made to orderSkirt Kate - Made to order
Shirt Frida Summer - Made to orderShirt Frida Summer - Made to order
Blouse Frida Canclini - Made to orderBlouse Frida Canclini - Made to order
Dress Katlyn - Made to OrderDress Katlyn - Made to Order
Dress Febe - Made to OrderDress Febe - Made to Order
Skirt Lilly - Made to OrderSkirt Lilly - Made to Order
Shirt Frida made of Tencel - Made to OrderShirt Frida made of Tencel - Made to Order
Top Lilly - Made to OrderTop Lilly - Made to Order
Top Lilly - Made to Order Sale priceCHF 149.00
Dress Evie Restyled - Made to OrderDress Evie Restyled - Made to Order
Dress Evie - Made to OrderDress Evie - Made to Order
Top Lea - Made to Order Sale priceCHF 139.00 Regular priceCHF 144.00
Dress Karol - Made to orderDress Karol - Made to order
Summer dress Febe - Made to orderSummer dress Febe - Made to order
Skirt Lea - Made to orderSkirt Lea - Made to order
Skirt Lea - Made to order Sale priceCHF 199.00