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Nutritional supplements, supplements, vitamins, porridges & protein shakes from BE THE CHANGE

BE THE CHANGE produces Swiss made. This means, among other things, that almost exclusively local and high-quality ingredients are used. This means that transport routes to and from the farmers are short, thereby ensuring the quality of the food. The label implements its own projects to promote regenerative and organic agriculture and has introduced far-reaching parameters for sustainable animal welfare. BE HEALTHY with BE THE CHANGE.


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Looking for nutritional supplements and supplements?

A sustainable life that pays attention to sustainable fashion also includes mindfulness in dealing with the body.

Swiss made, produced in a circular way by small farms and tailored to human biochemistry - you can find these food supplements and supplements on our BE THE CHANGE label. Whether vitamins, magnesium or trace elements – these vital building blocks are available here in the best quality.

What is particularly noteworthy is that all products are in high-quality home-compostable packaging or made of quality glass.

Organic porridge for the perfect start to the day

In the world of culinary delights, there is hardly anything as simple yet satisfying as porridge. This warm, creamy cereal delicacy has become a breakfast favorite over the centuries. With its diverse variations and health benefits, porridge is now not just a simple dish, but a real nutritional miracle.

Porridge has a long history that dates back to ancient times. Originally it was made from various grains such as oats, barley or millet and served as a nutritious staple food. In many cultures around the world, porridge found its place on the menu because it was easy to prepare and was a valuable source of energy in times of scarce resources.

BE THE CHANGE also has delicious porridges. You eat your Swiss Smartfoods ® sensibly and enjoyably. The organic porridge is rich in fiber, high-quality protein and is made from selected organic ingredients.

Are you an athlete and looking for organic protein shakes?

Organic protein shakes provide a high-quality source of nutrients that are crucial for regeneration and muscle growth. They provide the building material the body needs to repair damaged muscle fibers after intense exercise and build stronger, more resilient muscles. The organic approach guarantees that these proteins are free of synthetic chemicals and pesticide residues, supporting overall health and well-being.

At BE THE CHANGE you will find high-quality protein shakes for athletes that are not only made from high-quality, organic ingredients, but also taste very delicious :-)